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CelticSons REASON Review here!
WeŽre back! Get the new songpack here! 
- Andi S. (16/01/01) 

No, we are not dead! Just very busy with other things right now. WeŽll definitely will be back on track shortly!
- Andi S. (04/09/00)
2nd screenshot: Pump Panel main screen, here.  
Comments are welcome. (10/08/00)
1st Screenshot: 303 section, 90% finished, here.
New MOD in production: The Pump Panel
Stay tuned for more infos
- Andi S. (04/06/00) 

Reason Review REASON review with sound samples.

Frankfurt 2000.

"The quest for REASON."
Our visit @ Musikmesse Frankfurt 2000.


Created in good partnership with The Silencer who designed the great GUI. This piece is designed for the creation of hard, minimal and pumpinŽ techno. It contains some self-produced loops as well as a couple of basses and effects. In addition thereŽs a real sweet 909 ride in and some improved standard 909 samples. It got official on Propellerheads on 22/02/00.

Go get the ZIP here: (3.6 MB)

Have fun with it ! We had fun making it !

- DJ SOLID / Andi S. (07/02/00)


Photoshop Screen
A little helpful tool for the MOD creator who always wanted to draw the GUI in one piece. Since the ReBirth GUI is generated by a couple a little graphics, each piece must be editied seperately. This is both time consuming and abstract. This set of actions brings the (almost*) complete GUI on your screen. It contains 3 main steps. 1 for building the GUI, 2 for saving the GUI. Refer to the readme file provided in the ZIP file.
Important: This is a PC compatible version only ! 

Go get the ZIP here:

Gui Builder V1.0 (just a few bytes)

- Andi S. (26/01/00)

* the knobs are not included

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