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19.04.2005 click hereNew DJ SOLID MIX Online

Akiim aka DJ SOLID has created a new DJ Mix. As usual, we have made it available on the Plasmafarm.

Click here to download and/or listen to the new mix.

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12.12.2004 Funkfrequenz Remix EP released!
11.07.2004 New DJ SOLID DJ MIX online!
28.06.2004 "Terminal M" Remix Competition
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19.01.2004 CelticSons/Risksearcher Traktor Mix Online
09.12.2003 Song Update
16.11.2003 New Traktor Mix Online
08.09.2003 Introducing: DJSOLID.DE
31.07.2003 Design Update
14.07.2003 Audio Section updated
08.07.2003 Ruhr In Love Pics added
06.07.2003 New DJ Mix added [Solid @ Ruhr in Love]
19.06.2003 DJ Charts June/July added
18.06.2003 SOLID back @ U-Club 25.07.2003
29.05.2003 DJ SOLID playz @ "Ruhr in Love" 28.06.2003
28.05.2003 "trainspotting" @ LABOR Osnabrueck 14.06.03
19.03.2003 Traktor DJ Mix added
12.03.2003 DJ SOLID once again @ LABOR - Osnabrueck
11.03.2003 Musikmesse Frankfurt - our impressions
04.03.2003 DJ Solid at Muskimesse Frankfurt
01.01.2003 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!! // DJ CHARTS // New Track  
21.12.2002 Next DJ SOLID Gigs / New DJ Mix
08.12.2002 Added new Track to the Audio section
30.10.2002 DJ SOLID @ "Between Giants" 30.11.2002
29.10.2002 Added CelticSons LIVE ACT
02.10.2002 DJ SOLID @ Labor Osnabrueck
18.09.2002 New DJ Mix added
16.09.2002 Running order RescueOne 22.09.02
10.09.2002 DJ Charts Updated
26.08.2002 Links updated
21.08.2002 Charity Event against the Flood Disaster, "RescueOne", 22.09.02
17.08.2002 New Release on Audio Beyond Rec.
04.07.2002 New Release / Links Update
23.06.2002 New Plasmafarm Homepage
Funkfrequenz Remix EP released!
Funkfrequenz Remix EP released!

The waiting is over. The remix EP has been released.
Read the news release taken from http://www.terminalm.de:

"Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt remixed by by Solid, Outforce/System PI, RVG and Cole

Funkfrequenz Remix EPAvailable in this site's online shop!
“Funk Frequenz Remixes” contest winner EP coming up in a coloured ‘Passengers LP’ near coversleeve:
The remix contest gave newcomer producers the chance to sent their interpretation of Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt's "Funk Frequenz". The winner track would be released on 12” on Terminal M... there were over 200 remixes received for the remix contest as Patrick ‘Voodooamt’ Lindsey and Monika decided to release one remix contest 4 track 12” and Patrick put a choice of some favourites online on www.patricklindsey.de . There you had the chance to vote one track as B2. All those registered until a specific date had a chance to give their vote, this audience winner was....Cole(www.pornostarmusic.com).
Solid (www.djsolid.de), RVG (www.djterrorist.com) and Outforce(= actually called System PI on www.ourforce.de) were the other awesome remixers that skillz surprised Monika and Patrick a lot…!"


New DJ SOLID DJ MIX online!

click here
There is a new 80 mins long DJ MIX available for download in our Audio Section. You can follow this link to go directly to the Mix.

Your comments are welcome. We do appreciate your message in our guestbook.

Thanks folks!
- DJ Solid (11/07/2004)


"Terminal M" Remix Competition

"Terminal M" Remix Competition: DJ SOLID is among the winners!

The Terminal M remix competition is over and Monika Kruse and Patrick Lindsey (Voodooamt) have selected the 5 Winners from about 100 entrys! The competition was to remix the track "Funkfrequenz" from the Monika Kruse @ Voodooamt "Passenger" album.
As you can read on Patrick Lindey's page it was not easy for them to choose 5 remixes from that high amount of good stuff which were send in. But finally they made their decision and the winners are:
HIDEKI - Hideki Iida from Japan
Hideki's remix was outstanding an his version will be released on a
remix EP together with big names like:
Jesper Dahlbeck
Funk D'Void
Danilo Vigorito
Alexander Kowalski
Ingo Boss

On the official remix EP are the mixes from:
1. Risksearcher -> aka DJ SOLID ;-)
2. Ourforce -
Mario Hasenkam
3. RVG - Hervé - from Switzerland
4. Cole -
Robert Wolanski

Remix number 5 wase determined by a voting in the forum on Patrick Lindsey's home page, all registered members had the possibility to vote for their 2 favorites mixes from a list of 5. Also in the voting were the mixes from Andi S., Homeaffair, MMB and Optimumprime.
All remixers did an outstanding job and it shows one more time that there is a bunch of new talents out there and you will hear much more from them very soon for sure!

Monika and Patrick were very impressed by the high quallity of the stuff which was sent in! You can listen to a preview of the winner tracks on
Patrick Lindsey's page, just go HERE!


K-v-R News Feed


From now on we are displaying the latest news from K-v-R on our web site. K-v-R is a unique resource from computer based music production. We definitely recommend to take a good look at the site. A huge database has tons of VST plugins, some of them are free and can be downloaded right off the site.

» http://www.kvr-vst.com/

80 Mins Mix: "CelticSons/Risksearcher Traxx"

Created with
We have published a new mix. This time the mix contains only self made tacks, most of them are unreleased.

And of course (even if it is a little late for that):

We wish you a happy and successfull new year!

» To the MIX


It took us quite a while, but we have finally created some new tunes. We made them available for download in the Audio Section. Comments are as always appreciated!

» To the Songs

New Traktor Mix Online

Created withWe have uploaded a new DJ Mix to our server. The MIX has been created using "Traktor DJ Studio" by Native Instruments.

Click here to listen to 76 Mins of Techno in the mix.

Introducing DJSOLID.DE

click hereWe have been working on a new web site for Akiim aka DJ SOLID. It is finally up and running.
From now on we will distribute the contents between Plasmafarm and DJSolid so that everything DJ related will be dealt with on DJSOLID.DE while anything else will keep its place here.

Check out the new homepage of DJ SOLID:

If you have some comments (positive and/or negative) feel free to leave them in our Guestbook.

- Andi S. (08/09/2003)


Design Updated

We felt it was neccesary to update the site design a little bit. As you can see, pretty much everything is still the same, a few things have moved here and there, but that's about it.
Oh yes, of course, the biggest change is the color. ;-)


Audio Section Updated

It's been a while since we have last updated the AUDIO SECTION. Click here to listen to our latest productions.

Ruhr in Love Pics added

We have uploaded a few images we have taken at the Ruhr In Love 2003 event. You can view them here.

New DJ Mix added [Solid @ Ruhr in Love]

Audio Section

DJ Charts June/July added

View Charts

SOLID back @ U-Club 25.07.2003

Finally there will be a freakin Techno Party @ the U-Club Wuppertal!!
DJ's at the TekFloor are:

Acid Bastard [Live]

DJ SOLID playz @ "Ruhr in Love" 28.06.2003

Check out HERE for further details.......and make sure to join the
ROCK INC. Stage :-))

Running order:

14:00 - 15:30 PM : Vincent Vega
15:30 - 17:00 PM : Marc Stage
17:00 - 18:30 PM : Oliver Heyer
18:30 - 20:00 PM : Brisk
20:00 - 22:00 PM : Solid
Hope it will be open end!! ;-)


"trainspotting" @ LABOR Osnabrueck 14.06.03
Solid will play with Tanith, Audiotechture (LIVE) and Zodiak (who will celebrate his birthday bang!!) @ the Labor Club again!
Traktor DJ Mix added
Check out a new "DJ" Mix by Andi S., created with Traktor, the unique DJ Mixing Tool for Windows and Mac. The mix is more than 70 minutes long and features some of the finest classic techno tracks. Find the high quality MP3 stream in our Audio Section.
DJ SOLID once again @ LABOR - Osnabrueck
Solid will play again @ the Labor-Club on Saturday 15.03.03
Come along and hear a bunch of new stuff from the just updated Charts section!
Muskimesse Frankfurt - our impressions
The Musikmesse is over and we had the chance to took a look at some interesting stuff coming up! At first we entered the Propellerheads booth and blocked one of these Reason 2.5 maschines for a while..... But also other companys had interesting news, we will try to upload a detailed review soon!

We were really glad to met guy's like Mr. Peff or Jesus Park (big RESPECT to you guys!!), also we need to thank Tage from the ProbHeads who invided us to the "TROUGH THE WIRE" Party after the exhibition! This party was hosted by the Propellerheads, Ableton and M-Audio......and we had much fun!! ;-)
DJ Solid at Musikmesse Frankfurt
We will visit the "Musikmesse Frankfurt" on Friday the 7th of March, watch out for our little review soon! DJ Solid will play at the Propellerheads "trough the wire" - party which will be celebrated in a club in Frankfurt on Friday night. This is a little surprise, so we hope you can keep a secret! ;-)
DJ Charts + Audio update
Just updated the charts section.
Added new tracks to audio section
Next DJ SOLID  Gigs / New DJ Mix
Solid will play @ the U-Club in Wuppertal on 24th of December.
On 29th of December he will be part of the CLUB [CON]FUSION @ the Butan Club in Wuppertal as well. 30 DJ's will guarantee a big party night at 4 floors.
The Butan Club is the No. 1 Techno Club in the Duesseldorf - Cologne area,
don't miss it!!

Check DJ Solid's latest 2 turntable + EFX mix here
Added new Track to  Audio section
Just listen and tell us your comments! ;-)  Go here
DJ SOLID @ "Between Giants" 30.11.2002
DJ SOLID will play a "HomeBase" Set @ Alte Druckerei Lüdenscheid!
Line UP: Brisk (Plurx), Biene Meyer (Plurx), D-Form LIVE & DJ SOLID
Location: Alte Druckerei/ Stock Lüdenscheid/ NRW
The Party is called "BetweenGiants"
Added CelticSons LIVE ACT
< style="font-weight: 400"> Just added the 2002 LIVE SET of the CelticSons to the Audio section!
Check it out!!
DJ Solid @ Labor Club (12.10.02)
Solid will play @ the Labor near Osnabrueck on October 12th.
Also DJ Brisk from the Plurx-Crew will hit the decks and shows us how to rock with FinalScratch! (We are keen to see both in action again!) ;-)
New DJ Mix added
Just uploaded a new DJ mix by DJ SOLID
Listen to the live stream in the Audio section
Running order RescueOne 22.09.02
11.00-11.45:Miss Dayna
11.45-12.30:Miss Remedy
13.15-14.30:Man at Arms
14.30-15.45:Roland Casper
18.15-18.45:Audiotechture live
18.45-20.00:Crazy X-Ray
20.00-21.15:Thomas Papst
< style="font-weight: 400">
11.00-11.45:Alex T.C.
11.45-12.30:Marc Sander
15.00-16.00:DJ Amok
16.00-17.30:Viper XXL
17.30-18.30:Pasquale Schwarzz
18.30-19.30:DJ Stapf
19.30-20.30:Daniel S.
20.30-21.45:Marco Carrera
22.45-00.00:B-rok vs. Dave Maje
00.00-01.00:Tom da Suns vs. Stirling D

Location: KultKontor/Soundfactory Wuppertal     

DJ Charts Updated
September & October Charts added

< style="font-weight: 400">50 DJ's on 5 floors (MainFloor; ClubFloor; RastaLodge; ChillLounge and...yeah..yeah...the  TechnoFloor) with very different styles in a absolutely cool location.
Club ConfusionLineUp TechnoFloor:
BasicJay [U-Club, Subgroove Society]
H.E.M.I.X [U-Club]
Karl Donnerstag [Mixed Business]
Mark Buddensiek [U-Club]
Rubicon [Butan]
SOLID [U-Club, Geushky Rec.]

Watch out -> 13.09.02 -> Wuppertal -> SchwimmOper

Links updated
LABOR-CLUB added to the LINKS page.


Charity Event against the Flood Disaster,
"RescueOne", 22.09.02
On the 22th of septemper (11AM - open end) the guy's from "Kultkontor-Wuppertal" will start a charity event for the flood sacrifice in east Germany. All DJ's will play for free and the complete earnings will be given to help the people in the trouble spot. Only 5,-Eur Entry!!
Dj's of the Day/Night so far:

Roland Casper (Warehouse Köln)
Massimo (Definition of Techno)
Brixton  (Holzplatten)
Man at Arms (Acid Wars)
Solid (Geushky Rec. / AudioBeyond)
Crazy X-Ray [Dekomplex Audio]
Viper XXL (Kne Deep Rec.)
Miss Dayna [Good Groove Rec.]
Marc Sander [Good Groove]

more tbc.


New Release on Audio Beyond Rec.
Our release on Audio Beyond is delayed indefinitely. As far as we know, there are several probs with the Major Company & the distributor.
We will keep you up to date here on our NEWS page.


New Release / Links Update
Our new release on Geushky UK is now scheduled for August. It will be Geushky CatNo.: 016

On the LINKS site you will now find the link to the very new webside of Ian Void, owner of Geushky records and co-founder of the legendary Geushky Club in Portsmouth UK and On_Test records which is run by London based
Brenda Russell.


New Plasmafarm Homepage
A new version of our homepage is online. It took us quite a long time to bring this thing up but finally we made it. We'll continue to inform you about upcoming releases, bring you some sneak peaks of unreleased material and keep you posted about Live and DJ Gigs. We have added a new section: DJ Solid's DJ Charts (every other month). Some of you might be disappointed about the fact, that there is no ReBirth section anymore. It was a very hard decision for us but we finally decided to concentrate on our music. The lack of time simply forced to that move. For a limited period of time we'll leave the old Rebirth section on our server. There will be no more updates, however the Songs and the Plasmafire MOD can be still downloaded. Click here to visit the old Rebirth section.

Andi S. / DJ Solid