On_Test Records Run by London based Brenda Russell. The label provides an outlet for new dance music from unkown, up coming, as well as already established producers as: Colin Favor, Jamie Anderson, Mark Broom to name just a few.
Geushky Records  /  Ian Void Very new webside of Ian Void, head of Geushky records an co-founder of the legendary Geushky Club in Portsmouth UK! Check his really  cool looking site with lots of information about Ian and his label + artists!
Genetic Recordings Label of Stanny Franssen aka DJ G-Force! Groovy Techno, check'em out! Stanny know's how it workx!! ;-)
Prime Distribution Primate Recordings and other Top labels.
Holzplatten The Page is finished now, check Brixton's playgound!
Kobayashi Records French label, many cool artists (Geatek, G-Force, Johannes Heil,...)
CL Recording Run by Chris Liebing . It´s the follow-up to the well-know label called "AUDIO".
UTILS / Hörspielmusik The home of UTILS is the Stammheim, Kassel. That really should say enough!
HYBRID / Lekebusch Music The label is run by Cari Lekebusch, one of the greatest & 1st techno maniacs from Skandinavia!
No Respect Records Dance/Trance/Techno, run by "Mr. Hardfloor" Ramon Zenker.
Audio Beyond Recordings A really really cool label from Stockholm/Sweden features a cooool deep TechHouse sound!! They release stuff from Artists like Håkan Lidbo, Jeff Bennentt and Calico. CelticSons "Dirty Tricks EP" to be released shortly.
U-Club The ultimate techno club in our area, located in Wuppertal. Located in an 100 year old building, it´s a reilly weird place. One of if not the best locations in Germany. Check out their site for dates/events and one of the craziest guestbooks we have ever seen. Jesus!
Club 8. Mai Located in Chemnitz, a real underground commercial free techno club ! Cool one, we played LIVE here!
Butan Also located in Wuppertal, this Club now features really "clubby" TechSounds with DJ's like Marco Carola, Patrick Lindsey, Johannes Heil, Pacou Osuna and so on....
Hardware Synths
Access Music The best virtual analog synth:
(has its place in our studio too)
Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Synth!
Made in California by Mr. "Midi" Dave Smith himself (founder of Sequential Circuits)
Clavia Nordlead is here. Check for information on the new Norldlead 3.
Software Synths 
Propellerheads Creators of REASON, RECYCLE & ReBIRTH.
Demos, Refills, Song Archive and more.
Native Instruments Reaktor, Absynth, Traktor, Kontakt & More.
DJ´s might be interested in the "Traktor/Final Scratch" package.
ableton Producers of Abelton Live.
German company, developers of THE perfect tool for live performances (i.E: used by The Advent and others).
DJ SOLID Akiim's new home is here. Check it out to get the latest dates, DJ Charts and Mixes.
Audiotechture Audiotechture aka Dimitri & Sven
These two Guys are really doing freaking Techno-Tunes and very good LIVE-Performances! They release stuff on "KiddazzFM" and "DecomplexAudio"
Check them out!
Rock Inc. Rock Inc. run by Marc & Phillip
these Boyz are doing partys, DJ Booking and many more!
For details and news check their HP!
DJ Zodiak Martin aka Zodiak
is well known from his radio shows on "Stay Tuned" and "Cybrix-Radio", check his page for further details!
Little Blue Fish Little Blue Fish Media Design
Run by friends of ours. They provided ideas for our own web site. We say "Thank you".
Sam Reppel Sam aka Oliver Reppel
Just the Page of a Co-Worker, check this funny stuff! ;)
Bitch Universe Bitch Universe Recordings
Techno & Mehr aus Krefeld."
Formerly known as the "RockinWankers".
Peff is Mr. MOD. He has created many awesome MODs for Propellerheads ReBIRTH software synth.
His web site not only looks brilliant, it is also a very useful ressource for computer based music production.